“Find the Cheapest House Prices in the UK: Complete Guide”

Cheapest House Prices

Finding affordable housing is a major concern for many prospective buyers in the UK. With a diverse range of regions, the UK offers varying property prices, influenced by factors such as location, local economy, and historical trends. This article delves into the cheapest house prices in the UK, exploring different regions and providing insights into the most affordable areas for homebuyers.

Cheapest House Prices

Understanding the North-South Divide

Historically, there has been a significant north-south divide in property prices within the UK. Northern regions tend to offer Cheapest House Prices compared to the south, particularly London, where prices are substantially higher. This disparity is influenced by various economic and historical factors. For instance, during the 2008 financial crash, northern regions were hit harder and took longer to recover compared to their southern counterparts. However, recent trends and the shift towards remote working have slightly altered this dynamic.

The Impact of Remote Working

The pandemic has led to an increase in remote working, allowing individuals to relocate from expensive cities like London to more affordable regions. This shift has impacted house prices as demand for properties in less costly areas has risen. Consequently, some areas have seen a moderate increase in property prices due to this influx of buyers.

Cheapest House Prices by Region

North East England

The North East is one of the most affordable regions in the UK. The average house price here is around £186,144. Despite being relatively high compared to historical prices, this region offers numerous opportunities to purchase properties well below the average. Cities like Doncaster and Hull offer Cheapest House Prices for as low as £50,000 to £100,000, making them attractive options for first-time buyers or investors looking for cheap houses in the UK.


Scotland boasts an average house price of £190,305. While major cities like Edinburgh drive up the average, there are plenty of affordable areas across Scotland. Smaller towns and rural areas provide opportunities for buying cheaper homes, which are ideal for those seeking more space and a quieter lifestyle.

Yorkshire and the Humber

With an average house price of £244,323, Yorkshire and the Humber offer a mix of affordability and vibrant city life. Cities such as Leeds can be pricier, but surrounding areas provide more affordable options. This region combines urban and rural living, making it a versatile choice for many buyers.

North West England

The North West has an average house price of £253,859. Cities like Manchester may have higher prices, but the region overall offers affordable housing, especially in smaller towns and rural areas. This area might experience a greater impact from potential market downturns, but it remains a region with competitive prices.


Wales is known for its scenic landscapes and affordable housing market, with an average house price of £257,090. Despite recent price drops, it remains an attractive destination for buyers seeking cheaper homes in the UK. Rural areas offer particularly good value for money.

East Midlands

The East Midlands, with an average house price of £285,000, presents a balance of affordability and accessibility. The region’s central location and good transport links make it a practical choice for many buyers. Despite higher prices compared to northern regions, it remains more affordable than the south.

South West England

The South West’s average house price stands at £384,182, driven by cities like Bristol. Despite higher averages, there are still affordable pockets within the region. Rural areas and smaller towns offer cheaper housing options, making it possible to find affordable homes in this scenic part of the country.

East of England

In the East of England, the average house price is £418,980. This region, known for its picturesque countryside and proximity to London, tends to have higher property prices. However, there are still opportunities to find cheaper houses, particularly in less populated areas.

South East England

The South East, with an average house price of £481,452, is one of the pricier regions. Proximity to London and desirable living conditions contribute to higher prices. However, for those willing to explore further from the capital, more affordable options can still be found.


London tops the list with an average house price of £672,961. The capital’s property market is influenced by high demand, international investors, and a wide range of property types. While it’s challenging to find cheap houses in London, opportunities exist in the outskirts and less central areas.

Factors Influencing House Prices

Several factors impact house prices across these regions. Economic conditions, local job markets, availability of amenities, and transport links all play a role. Additionally, government policies, interest rates, and housing supply also influence prices.

Potential for Price Drops

Speculation about potential price drops varies by region. Areas with already high prices, such as London and the South East, may experience more significant corrections due to affordability issues. Conversely, regions like the North East and Wales, with more affordable housing, might be more resilient in the face of market downturns.

Tips for Finding Affordable Homes

Finding affordable homes in the UK requires some strategic planning and research. Here are some tips to help you in your search:

  1. Explore Emerging Areas: Look for regions that are up-and-coming but still offer lower prices. These areas may see appreciation in value over time.
  2. Consider Fixer-Uppers: Properties that need some work can often be bought at a discount. If you’re handy or willing to invest in renovations, this could be a cost-effective option.
  3. Check Auction Listings: Property auctions can sometimes yield bargains. Be sure to do your homework on any property you plan to bid on.
  4. Use Property Websites: Websites like Rightmove, Zoopla, and others provide detailed listings and allow you to set filters to find properties within your budget.
  5. Engage Local Agents: Real estate agents in the area you’re interested in can provide insights and alert you to new listings that fit your criteria.
  6. Monitor Market Trends: Keep an eye on market reports and forecasts to understand when might be the best time to buy.

Regional Highlights for Affordable Housing

Northern Ireland

While not detailed in earlier sections, Northern Ireland also presents affordable housing opportunities. The average house price in Northern Ireland is significantly lower than the UK average, making it Cheapest House Prices option for buyers seeking cheap homes.


Both the East and West Midlands offer affordable housing options with good connectivity and amenities. Cities like Nottingham and Birmingham provide a mix of urban and suburban living at competitive prices.

South Wales

Apart from Cardiff, South Wales has many smaller towns and rural areas where property prices are more reasonable. This region is known for its natural beauty and slower pace of life, making it a desirable location for many.

Coastal Regions

Some coastal regions, especially those not heavily developed or tourist-centric, offer affordable housing. These areas provide the added benefit of seaside living at a lower cost compared to more popular coastal towns.

Future Trends in Affordable Housing

The housing market is subject to various influences that can affect affordability. Here are some potential future trends:

  1. Remote Work Continuation: If remote work remains prevalent, we may see continued interest in more affordable regions as people are less tied to office locations.
  2. Government Policies: Initiatives aimed at increasing housing supply, such as new builds and affordable housing schemes, could impact prices and availability.
  3. Economic Factors: Economic conditions, including interest rates and inflation, will continue to play a significant role in the housing market. Keeping abreast of economic forecasts can help buyers make informed decisions.
  4. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Homes: As environmental concerns grow, the demand for sustainable and energy-efficient homes is likely to increase. This trend may influence new builds and renovations, potentially impacting prices.
  5. Technological Advancements: Innovations in construction and property technology could lead to more cost-effective building methods, potentially lowering house prices in the future.


In summary, the UK offers a diverse range of property prices, with northern regions generally providing cheaper housing compared to the south. The pandemic and the shift towards remote working have influenced property trends, leading to increased interest in more affordable regions. For those seeking the cheapest house prices in the UK, regions like the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber, and Wales present attractive opportunities. Understanding the factors influencing these prices and staying informed about market trends can help prospective buyers make well-informed decisions. With careful research and strategic planning, finding an affordable home in the UK is within reach for many buyers.


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